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6 Natural Ways To Reduce Muscle Spasms And Pain

Dr. Mark Wiley | Aug 29, 2012

Why is muscle pain so prevalent today when hundreds of hands-on therapies, over-the-counter medications and do-it-yourself techniques for pain reduction are available almost any time of day? The reason is not that the pills, pain patches and therapies don’t work. Rather, the answer can most likely be found in your habits — known or unknown. The little things in your life, when combined day after day, can cause chronic muscle pain. Change those little things, and you can get big pain relief.

Muscles cramp, spasm and become painful for a number of reasons. Most of the more serious reasons, like serious medical illness and traumatic injury, are less common and certainly need proper diagnosis and treatment. For many people suffering with chronic muscle pain, inflammation, cramps and spasms, the reasons are less serious. However, they are nonetheless vital to address in order to stop the pain-and-inflammation cycle and reduce the frequency, severity and duration of attacks.

Essential things to do and keep in mind to help prevent muscle pain include:

Stay Hydrated With Plenty Of Pure Water
Water is one of the three essential things needed for life. (The others are oxygen and sunlight.) Water is so vital to life that life would not exist without it. While the human body is meant to be about 70 percent water, most people are chronically dehydrated. It is true that many people drink fluids throughout their day, yet they remain dehydrated. This happens when one consumes liquids that are diuretics.

Diuretics are substances that cause the body to excrete water. These include coffee, black tea, sodas and alcoholic beverages (particularly beer). When too many of these beverages are consumed, the body expels them quickly via urine and sweat. However, the body needs to retain enough purified fluids to maintain proper organ function, to remove toxins from the blood and to keep the skin moist. When water is low, toxins are not as easily processed or removed from the body and can begin recycling in the blood. This can cause pain, spasms and inflammation in the muscles.

Drinking eight to 10 glasses of pure or filtered water per day should bring you back to healthy levels within a few days. Some studies suggest people are habitually 2 quarts of water low. Others demonstrate that as long as your urine is clear, then your water levels are good. Start with counting how many glasses of water you consume, then check your urine. You will feel the difference and discover the levels you need.

Maintain Your Magnesium Levels
Magnesium is one of the essential minerals in the body that, when left unchecked, can lead to muscle pain, cramping, spasms and twitching. Magnesium helps all your organ systems function properly. Low levels of magnesium are a known cause of muscle pain. Most people need 300 mg to 400 mg of magnesium daily to help maintain proper functioning of the body. If supplementation is not your thing, then eating plenty of foods high in magnesium can do wonders. These include green leafy vegetables, whole grains and bran, soy beans, and pumpkin.

Here’s the scoop: Even if you get enough magnesium through diet or supplementation, your levels can still be decreased by internal causes. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), other gastrointestinal (GI) issues, diabetes, kidney disease or pancreatitis can be the cause of your decreased magnesium levels.

Maintain Your Potassium Levels
Like magnesium, potassium is essential to body function. When the body’s magnesium levels are low, they can negatively impact potassium levels. When potassium levels drop below 3.7 mEq/L, the body has what is known as hypokalemia, which causes one to become weak and feel fatigued and causes muscles to twitch and cramp. This is because potassium is necessary for nerve signals, muscle contractions and fluid balance.

Potassium is best ingested in natural food forms. It is found in fruits (most notably apricots, bananas, raisins and figs), wheat bran, wheat germ, dried fruits, mixed seeds, beans and vegetables. Most common cereals and breads are fortified with this mineral. If you think low potassium may be a cause of your muscle ailments, contact your local healthcare provider for the recommended blood screening.

Exercise And Stretch Every Day
Exercise is another simple thing that you can do every day to become healthier and prevent needless pain and inflammation. I know it is difficult to think about exercising when you are in pain. However, the main purpose of exercising for pain relief is to bolster blood flow. Even simple walking will help reduce your levels of muscle imbalances.

Walking for 30 minutes at an even pace, engaging in a simple stretching routine or participating in a yoga class will all help align the spine, keep the muscles supple and engender blood flow. When the blood is flowing well, a fresh supply of oxygen and nutrients move in the body, helping reduce pain and inflammation, repair the effects of stress and strain, and move toxins out of the body. Think of muscle spasms as stagnations of blood trapped in the tissue and causing pain.

Reduce Stress With Mind-Body Techniques
Do you rub your neck or low back constantly while at work or around certain people or events? This is stress making itself felt. Stress is a necessary part of life and of our survival. However, unhealthy stress can lead to excessive worry, anxiety, insomnia, improper breathing, muscle spasms and pain. While it is easy to suggest that you evaluate your life and remove all things and people that cause too much stress, this is not easily (or practically) done.

The good news is that there are quite a few simple mind-body techniques that can help reduce the effects and severity of stress. These include methods like biofeedback, mindful meditation, yoga, qigong, visualizations and hypnotherapy. Looking into some of these and putting them into daily practice will go a long way to reducing the negative effects of stress on the body.

Get A Good Night’s Sleep
Sleeping well is another essential element the body needs in order to repair and rebuild. Even with a diet rich in magnesium and potassium, plenty of water and exercise, and stress-reduction techniques, lack of ample deep sleep keeps the body from fully repairing itself. Sleeping at least seven hours in a position that will not cause you pain is necessary.

The secret to pain-free deep sleep is to set a standard sleep- and wake-time cycle. Not reading or drinking before bedtime also helps reduce insomnia and waking to urinate during the night. Sleeping on your back or on your side with a pillow between the knees will keep the spine in a supported position to decrease chances of pinched nerves or muscle spasms from poor sleep posture. The key is to get into the habit of regular sleep that allows you to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day — not stiff, tired and anxious.

In Summary
While some of the issues that can cause us to experience acute and chronic muscle pain and inflammation are beyond our control, many of them are completely within our power to change. If you experience daily muscle discomfort, the best thing you can do to help yourself is to get into a pattern of caring for yourself. In other words, be nice to yourself by not doing the things that can cause you more pain or discomfort and by doing the simple things that will help reduce and prevent a painful body. The six things mentioned in this article are keys to less pain. Incorporating them into your daily life will help in many ways.


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Dr. Oz Looks at PEMF Therapy

Oprah’s favorite Dr. Oz has some good news for folks struggling with everything from swollen joints to chronic pain, and it goes by the quirky title of PEMF.

PEMF–stands for pulsed electromagnetic field – has been approved by even the stringent FDA to fuse bones, and in some devices, to reduce swelling and join paint.

PEMF therapy is based on radio frequency diathermy, which generates a constant electromagnetic field to generate heat in soft tissue. This heat directly and favorably alters cellular signalling connected to tissue, blood, muscle, ligaments and bone. Plus, new research suggests that PEMF therapy may help address disease, improve cartilage homeostasis, and increase nitric oxide activity.

Dr. Oz also looks at three ways that PEMF therapy and technology is making its way out of the lab or the doctor’s office, and into people’s homes – where they can conveniently and privately boost their health in wellness: PEMF Mat Devices, PEMF Knee Devices and PEMF Patch Devices.

PEMF Mat Devices produce a therapeutic pulsed electromagnetic field, which surrounds the entire body. World renowned pain specialist, Dr. James Dillard, shared his insights on PEMF technology on Dr. Oz’s widely-watched TV show, which massively boosted interest in the devices.
PEMF Knee Devices are FDA-approved, and combine both thermal therapy and PEMF energy to send heat and magnetic pulses to the injured or afflicted knee. The result is a better circulation, increased mobility, and a reduction in swelling and pain.
PEMF Patch Devices are small, disposable patches that are currently sold over-the-counter in Canada. They’re also approved by Health Canada for relieving musculoskeletal pain. The jury is still out on whether PEMF Patch Devices deliver measurable and lasting relief, and they are not yet FDA approved. However, that doesn’t mean that savvy consumers in the US and elsewhere shouldn’t pay attention as it’s probably just a matter of time before PEFM Patch Devices are FDA-approved and/or made by FDA-registered companies.

Now, with this all said, you should know there is an alternative device that delivers the same health benefits and more… it is called the BioMat.

Although PEMF mats and the BioMat share some of the same health benefits, they are actually quite different… a PEMF device uses an electromagnetic pulse to administer healing. The BioMat combines far infrared light, negative ion technology and the healing properties of amethyst crystal to deliver its.
The list of health benefit bullets above all apply to BioMat use, but there is a key feature that the PEMF device cannot list:
Amethyst Crystals which actually elongate and amplify the natural wavelength of a key component to the treatments, the far infrared rays, allowing them to penetrate up to 7 inches deep into the body. By comparison, other far infrared technologies may only penetrate less than half that depth. Amethyst’s healing properties have been acknowledged and celebrated for centuries by ancient scientists and healers. Now, modern science has confirmed the highly conductive properties of this remarkable mineral. Amethyst crystals offer the most consistent and powerful delivery of far infrared light waves, and ionic effects to the human body.

Another factor to be aware of is expense. PEMF devices cost at least twice what the BioMat professional does and four times more than the BioMat mini. If you are in the market for such a healing device, it is a good idea to understand all your options before making a decision.

To learn more about the technology and healing benefits of the BioMat, please click here.

Read the article on the Dr. Oz show website at:

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Dealing with Chronic Pain, Sleep and Relaxation


When You See it, You Can Achieve ItSimply put, visualization is the process of forming mental images; it is the primary component of the imagination.

Visualization is at the core of the human ability to create, innovate and dream.

Many of history's inventors and artists attribute their success to an exceptional ability to visualize. Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Henry Ford, and the great composer, Chopin all reported using creative visualization to spark their imaginations. Additionally, Albert Einstein once said he came up with the theory of relativity by imagining what would happen if he could travel through space on the tip of a light beam.

Creative visualization can transport you out of a state of stress or fear, and into a new space of inner calm, peace and tranquility. Additionally, a natural byproduct of creative visualization occurs when the body goes loose and limp, creating the relaxation response - the perfect state for learning and focusing on goals.

Mind/Body Support

Visualization has long been the primary tool for mind/body support. From a scientific perspective, we know, that because visualization directly impacts the body's neurological system, it can have a direct influence on Visualize Thisus physically.

Try this for an example: Imagine I have just handed you a large, yellow, juice-filled lemon. You slice the lemon into quarters and bring one of the quarters to your mouth and bite into it . . . what happened? Did your mouth begin to pucker? Did it fill with saliva? This is a naturally occurring neurological response to an imagined thought.

Have you ever watched a horror film, and, in the midst of the excitement, found your palms sweating and your heart pounding? You knew it was "just a movie," right?

If your mind can cause this kind of impact on your body, is there any reason it can't relax your muscles, overpower nicotine, stimulate your metabolism, or even do away with chronic pain?

Anyone can relaxWhy Use Creative Visualization and Guided Relaxation Together?

We all have an inner critic, a part of our mind which, based on past experience, rejects unfamiliar information without proper evaluation. This is known as the critical factor. Studies show that relaxation techniques subdue this critical factor, making you receptive to new ideas. Even though it may seem counterintuitive to "let go in order to gain control," this is exactly what happens during the relaxation response.

Through NewReality's visualization techniques, you experience positive and appropriate ways to imagine your personal goals. This helps you remain optimistic and motivated toward changes that bring about your success.

CVR Provides the Missing Link to Wellness

Improved memoryRecent research shows excessive stress can suppress the immune system. Therefore, it's vital to incorporate a program of stress reduction and relaxation into your everyday routine. By reducing anxiety and stress, and increasing relaxation, you can boost your immune system and use your own unlimited resources to improve your life.

But don't think CVR is only a nice, relaxing daydream. People who regularly relax with CVR processes enjoy a number of side-benefits. These may include:

Increased blood flow to the brain, resulting in clearer thinking, better concentration, improved memory and enhanced creativity
  • A 21% increase in serotonin, which calms the mind and body and creates an overall sense of wellbeing
  • A 25% increase in endorphins, the hormones that flow through your body when you feel happy
  • Regular users sleep betterBetter sleep patterns. Twenty minutes of CVR can be equivalent to 2-3 hours of sleep, so you may find yourself sleeping less, feeling more rested, accomplishing more, and finding extra enjoyment in life
  • Soaring energy levels
  • More fulfilling relationships
  • Improved career satisfaction
  • A clearer sense of purpose
  • And last, but certainly not least, a seemingly effortless ability to manage stress

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Far Infrared BioMat with Negative Ions and Healing Amethyst Crystals

I just spent 10 days at a Wellness Clinic in Boise for a cleansing program and liver cleanse. It was wonderful physically, emotionally and spiritually. It was shocking to see how many stones were passed during the liver cleanse. They introduced me to the Book "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay which I am thoroughly enjoying and find extremely beneficial. Everyday, we did "ME" work with positive affirmations looking in the mirror. It is transforming to realize how our thoughts and words affect our world and how much our life can change with practicing new ways of thinking and speaking.

During my 10 day cleanse, I got to lay on this Far Infrared BioMat every day for 30 minutes which put me into a deep state of relaxation and bliss. I was so thrilled with this that I ordered my own products for personal use and they should be here in about a week. I remember that about 5 years ago, a massage therapist brought one of these to the support group that I led in San Diego for those with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, chronic pain and Lyme disease. I didn't really get to experience it then because I wanted the members in my group to get a chance to lay on it and the time laying on it was just a minute or less per person. I also had concerns about the EMF's generated from the electricial connection. I was thrilled to learn that the company has added a device inside the mechansim to block out any harmful electromagnetic fields from the electric cord to the mat.

The BioMat products are now available for purchase through I have a 2 person Far Infrared Sauna already which sits in the garage never getting used. I just find it hard to get motivated or to make the time to go out there and sit in it. What I love about the biomat is that I can lie down and relax and that it is portable. I ordered the mini biomat too which I also used at the clinic with the professional biomat because then I am 'sandwiched' between layers of far infrared. The biomat far infrared penetrates much deeper into the cells with the negative ions and healing amethyst crystals. I believe this will really benefit me with my Lyme disease and my husband with his arthritis pain and stress.

Far Infrared BioMat with Negative Ions and Healing Amethyst Crystals

The BioMat regulates the body's immune, endocrine, lymphatic and nervous systems, delivering a wealth of health benefits, including: relief from muscle and joint pain, improved resistance to disease; deeper, more refreshing sleep; increased energy and focus; cellular detoxification; improved cardiovascular strength; and replacing stress with calm.

Whether you're a health practitioner or a home user, you can now own the healing biomat based on Nobel prize-winning research and have unlimited access to treatments.

You can use deep-penetrating far infrared rays and an influx of negative ions to stimulate the body to heal and regenerate with unprecedented speed without leaving your home.

Benefits of the Far Infrared BioMat:

• Reduces stress and fatigue

• Relieves anxiety and promotes relaxation

• Improves sleep patterns

• Reduces inflammation

• Eases joint pain and stiffness

• Provides warm, soothing pain relief

• Eliminates toxins in the body

• Increases blood circulation

• Alleviates migraines and tension headaches

• Reduces allergy symptoms

• Improves immune system function

• Improves cardiovascular health

• Burns calories and controls weight

• Improves muscle tone and skin quality

Safe, tested and third-party certified
The technology at the core of all BioMat products has been clinically proven to address a wide range of common health and wellness issues, including stress, insomnia, tissue damage, post-surgical healing and scar reduction, joint and muscle soreness, chronic neck and back pain, toxic deposits and oxidation levels, inflammation and arthritis, and circulatory issues.

This powerful technology is absolutely safe to use by health and medical practitioners and ordinary consumers alike, and is now used by tens of thousands worldwide. It has undergone the most stringent testing in Asia, Europe and North America, and has been found to be safe and effective for domestic and clinical use and highly effective when used for pain reduction, increased mobility, disease prevention, and total mind and body relaxation.

Whether you seek soothing relief from chronic pain, prevention of disease and degeneration, or enhancement of your relaxation and meditation activities, the BioMat can take your physical and mental well-being to the next level.

The BioMat is a “pad” which lies on top of a massage table or your home mattress. It converts electricity through a computerized control panel, produced by Texas Instruments, into Far Infrared Rays (FIR), nature’s invisible light. FIR was discovered by NASA to be the safest, most beneficial light wave. It penetrates 6-8 inches into the innermost recesses of the body, stimulating healing and regeneration of nerves and muscle tissue layers.

The BioMat also produces Negative Ions, nature’s energizer, which deliver a molecular level massage. This accelerates and deepens all healing and cleansing processes. It balances pH by decreasing acidity and is considered the “Master Power Switch” which activates the body’s entire cellular communication system, making every body function work better!

These two components are transferred through Amethyst Quartz channels which cover the entire BioMat’s surface. Amethyst Quartz is natures Super Conductor, scientifically found to offer the steadiest, most powerful delivery of healthy far infrared light waves and the highest vibrational frequencies into the body. It is known to be a powerful detoxifier, assisting in releasing its user from addictions such as alcohol, food and substance abuse, as well as hangovers and toxic residues. It also produces naturally occurring far infrared waves.

This technology is being used in spas and professional practitioner's offices all over the world. Physical therapists, chiropractors and acupuncturists are realizing the benefits for their clients. Boeing and Microsoft have placed them in their buildings for employees to use. So start today by being proactive about your health and well being. A good nights sleep or a mere 25 minute nap on the BioMat, can go a long way to ensuring that the years ahead of you will be healthier, enabling you to be more active and enjoy life’s journey to it’s fullest!

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Absence of Western Lizards Reduces Lyme Ticks

February 18, 2011 Areas in California where Western fence lizards were removed had a subsequent drop in numbers of the ticks that transmit Lyme disease, scientists have discovered.

"Our expectation was that removing the lizards would increase the risk of Lyme disease, so we were surprised by this finding," said ecologist Andrea Swei, who conducted the study while she was a Ph.D. student in integrative biology at University of California, Berkeley.

"We found that the result of lizard removal was a decrease in infected ticks, and therefore decreased Lyme disease risk to humans."

Results of the study, published online today in the journal Proceedings of The Royal Society B, illustrate the complex role the Western fence lizard (Sceloporus occidentalis) plays in the abundance of disease-spreading ticks.

Western fence lizards (Sceloporus occidentalis) can be found with dozens of ticks attached. "This study demonstrates the complexity of infectious disease systems, and how the removal of one player--lizards--can affect disease risk," said Sam Scheiner, program director at the National Science Foundation (NSF), which funded the research through a joint Ecology of Infectious Diseases (EID) Program with the National Institutes of Health.

At NSF, the EID Program is supported by the Directorates for Biological Sciences and Geosciences.

Lyme disease--characterized by fever, headache, fatigue and a bulls'-eye rash--is spread through the bite of ticks infected with bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi.

In the Western region of the U.S., the Western black legged tick, or Ixodes pacificus, is the primary vector for Lyme disease bacteria.

Up to 90 percent of the juvenile ticks in this species feed on the blood of the Western fence lizard, common in California and nearby states.

A previous study by UC-Berkeley entomologist Robert Lane found that a protein in the Western fence lizard's blood killed Borrelia bacteria, and as a result, Lyme-infected ticks that feed on the lizard's blood are cleansed of the disease-causing pathogen.

The lizard is thus often credited for the relatively low incidence of Lyme disease in the western United States.

The new study put that assumption to the test experimentally.

"When you have an animal like the Western fence lizard that supports a huge population of ticks, you can't assume that all the juvenile ticks will go to another host if the lizard population drops," said Lane, a co-author of the paper.

For their field test, the researchers selected 14 plots, each measuring 10,000 square meters and spread out over two sites in Marin County, Calif.

From March through April 2008, before tick season went into full swing, the researchers captured and removed 447 lizards from six plots--three at each site--and left the remaining plots unaltered as controls.

The lizards that had been captured were marked before being relocated so the researchers could determine whether any wandered back into their old haunts.

After the lizards were removed, the biologists spent the following month trapping other mammals known to harbor ticks--particularly woodrats and deer mice--to determine whether they had an increase in ticks as a result of the lizards' absence.

The scientists also checked for differences between control and experimental plots in the abundance of ticks.

In plots where the lizards had been removed, ticks turned to the female woodrat as their next favorite host for a blood meal.

On average, each female woodrat got an extra five ticks when the lizards disappeared.

However, the researchers found that 95 percent of the ticks that no longer had lizard blood to feast on failed to latch onto another host.

"One of our goals was to tease apart the role these lizards play in Lyme disease ecology," said Swei, now a post-doctoral associate at the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies in Millbrook, N.Y.

"It was assumed that these lizards played an important role in reducing Lyme disease risk," she said.

The tale, it turns out, is even more complicated than that.

Other co-authors of the paper are biologists Cheryl Briggs of University of California, Santa Barbara and Richard Ostfeld at the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies in Millbrook, N.Y.


Restless Leg Syndrome Linked To Fibromyalgia

October 19, 2010 A new study says adults with fibromyalgia have a much higher prevalence and risk of RLS than anyone else.

According to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, it is estimated 5 million Americans age 18 or older area affected by Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia can cause significant pain and fatigue and the causes still remain unknown. RLS is a sleep-related movement disorder that involves an urge to move the legs that is usually accompanied or caused by uncomfortable and unpleasant sensations in the legs. Now researchers of Loyola University Medical Center are saying treating RLS may improve sleep and quality of life in people with fibromyalgia.
They studied 172 people with fibromyalgia and then compared them with 63 people with no signs of the disease. Pain was assessed by subjective report and by measurement with a dolorimeter, a spring-loaded gauge that is used to apply standardized rates of pressure to tender points on the arms and legs.

Results showed that the prevalence of restless legs syndrome was about 10 times higher in the fibromyalgia group than it the healthier group. After taking under consideration their age, gender and ethnicity, participants with fibromyalgia were 11 times more likely than controls to have RLS. In the fibromyalgia group these sleep problems were more severe among people who also had RLS.
"Sleep disruption is common in fibromyalgia, and often difficult to treat," contributing author Dr. Nathaniel F. Watson, associate professor of neurology at the University of Washington in Seattle, Wash. was quoted saying. "It is apparent from our study that a substantial portion of sleep disruption in fibromyalgia is due to restless legs syndrome."

SOURCE: Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, October 2010 as reported on

Restless Leg & Fibromyalgia

MyocalmPM works well for many to alleviate symptoms of restless leg syndrome & sleep.

November 25, 2010 The Journal of Clinical has just published a study this October revealing a substantial association between RLS (restless leg syndrome) and fibromylagia. This association is so powerful that persons with fibromylagia are eleven times more of a possibility to have RLS then those persons in the general populace.
Both of these conditions incline to keep those who endure the conditions to stay awake at night. RLS a neurological disorder identified by strange feeling that run through the legs linked with the uncontrollable desire to move the legs in hopes of providing relief. Persons who endure this disorder describe the feelings as burning, tugging and as if incests were crawling inside the legs. The feeling extend from minor discomfort to immense pain. In contrary fibromylagia is a complicated condition with vast range of symptoms. Until of late, a lot health practitioners did not recognize fibromylagia as a condition but merely as a person imaging things. As the same in both in conditions the cause is still unknown. Fibromylagia produces numerous tender areas in the muscles and joints included on places of the back and neck, knees and elbows and causes fatigue, general body aches, low tolerance for exercise and enduring facial muscle pain and aching. Fibromylagia cases appear in 85% of women.

The association between these two conditions was explained in the journal. A study conducted had observed 172 persons enduring fibromylagia. Among them 93% were women. The average age was fifty years old. Comparisons to a control group of persons who did not endure pain and fatigue with an average age of forty-one years old. Researchers had discovered 33% of the group with fibromylagia also had RLS compared to 3.1% of the control group.

Dr. Nathaniel F. Watson, Associate Professor of Neurology at the University of Washington in Seattle and one of the researchers commented in a news release that sleep disturbances is usual for persons with fibromylagia and most of the time is hard to treat. According to the study it is obvious that a major part of sleep disruptions in fibromylagia is caused by RLS.

Conventional medicine usually treats RLS with medications in hopes for improvement in sleep and the overall condition of those persons who also have fibromylagia. This treatment type goes way back to 1996 in which had discovered the same association of these two conditions. When the advocated treatment consisted of prescribed medications which had included colonazepan in hopes of bringing RLS under some form of control. The side effects of that particular drug had included dizziness, blurred vision and muscle pain. Not too much other other ones such as weight gain, depression and suicidal thoughts. It also brought up severe skin reactions that in some cases had proved fatal.

Now in current day we still have the medications which are used. These include a drug Mirapex, that contain its own ongoing list of side effects including sleeplessness, nausea, vomiting and compulsive behaviors. Of course there is also Valium and its side effects which include sleeplessness, vomiting and in severe reactions can include muscle loss, depression, rage, tremors and sleeplessness. The medication list keeps on going with almost nearly all similar side effects.

Many persons today use alternative treatments in order to treat both fibromylagia and RLS when they have the conditions at the same time. There are some alternative treatments that have been proven effective in the treatment of both of these conditions. A few of the most noted ones are listed.

Chiropractic care has been known to be the top choice in alternative treatments to treat both of these debilitating conditions. It has been shown to greatly decrease the excruciating pain, incapacitating fatigue and joint stiffness all associated to fibromylagia.
In recent surveys nine out of ten patients suffering from RLS have found relief from through symptoms with chiropractic treatments. The treatments can provide the correcting of extremely instability in the feet, knees, ankles and hips. Adjustments made to the pelvic and lumbo-sacral instability.

Along with different manipulation techniques exercises such as leg stretching may be recommended along with nutritional advice and herbal supplements.

Acupuncture is another popular choice of persons who endure either one or both of these conditions.
Acupuncture study on fibromylagia was conducted by the Mayo Clinic. Their findings had indicated that after acupuncture treatments major improvements was found in patients in the area of fatigue and anxiety. Even though according to the study it did decrease pain, an additional choice treatment such as pain medication was indicated.

Acupuncture on RLS symptoms has been noted to reduce stress and fatigue. It is still suggested to also use another alternative treatment in combination with acupuncture for greater decrease of symptoms.

Acupressure may also be used for those who just do not like needles and provide the same outcomes.

Magnesium used for both conditions. By not having enough magnesium in the body conditions of can cause sleep disturbances such as in those of RLS. When used for fibromylagia it has been noted that it may aide in pain reduction.

Calcium has also been used for both of the conditions. Abnormal levels of neurotransmitters release muscle contractions. These levels have been seen in persons with fibromylagia who suffer from RLS at the same time. Calcium is usually taken as a supplement. Currently there are supplements which combine calcium and vitamin D.

Melatonin has been used for both conditions. It is taken as a sleep aide and can cause drowsiness in daytime hours. It is recommended to avoid driving and exercise until you know how this herb effects your system.

Skullcap is also used as a sleep aide. Please note Chinese Skullcap is used as a sleep aide. American Skullcap is a mild relaxer for anxiety. These are two totally different herbs.
Valerian even though used for muscle pain and spasms it is also used as a sleep aide.
Kava Kava before bedtime can relax muscles in both cases.

Tia Chi
Due to this gentle form of movement which is slow it provides health benefits including muscle strength and flexibility. Studies have shown Tia Chi is a helpful for many conditions including arthritis, heart disease, fibromylagia and RLS.

For persons with fibromyalagia it can reduce symptoms by at least 30% in areas include pain, fatigue, and stiffness. Which indirectly yields benefits for those with RLS the daily stretching and meditation that comes from yoga often decreases the symptoms in RLS.

Massage Therapy
Myofascial Release techniques is both fibromyalagia and RLS.
In fibromyalagia it decreases pain in the bodies fascia, which is brought on my myofascial pain. Fascia is a thin layer of tissues which covers all muscles and organs in the body. In persons with fibromyalagia the fascia becomes very short and tense producing pain. This therapy uses stretching techniques which decrease the pain.

In RLS this same techniques is used to help decrease the tingling sensation which is felt in the legs allowing for a more restful sleep.

There are four foods in which are in common to be eliminated from the diet for either condition or as in some cases both. Chocolate, coffee, alcohol and carbonated beverages. These things heighten fatigue and pain. They also have the ability to lower levels of blood glucose.

A healthy balanced diet is recommended in both conditions which include consuming four or five smaller meals instead of three large meals. It will maintain all muscles to function properly.
Processed foods in general are not a healthy idea. They contain massive amounts of saturated fats that cause interference with the circulatory system not to mention can cause pain and fatigue.
Consume plenty of fluids which include water, fresh juice and even herbal teas.

Source: by Debbie Nicholson